Alican Görgeç is based in London, UK. Since a young boy in Istanbul, Alican had an interest in shooting and editing videos. This eventually led him to study film and television at Istanbul’s Bilgi University. As a student Alican discovered that he enjoyed the post-production side of filmmaking the most.

Introduced to 3D effects while helping a friend with motion graphics work for his company, 3D started as a hobby, but would eventually become his signature profession.

After 2 years working as a generalist Alican decided to take a year off work to study digital effects focusing mainly on the Houdini software at the National Center of Computer Animation (NCCA) in Bournemouth, UK.

Since then, Houdini has become Alican’s primary tool and opened doors to working on great projects such as Allied (2016), Start Trek: Beyond (2016), Knightfall (2017), Terror (2018), Das Boot (2018), Skyscraper (2018), Cosmos: Possible Worlds (2019).

Alican’s main focus is dynamics and problem solving using Houdini.

North America

488 Wellington St. West Suite 502
Toronto ON
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Voorhavenlaan 31-001,
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