Demetri Portelli is a director and stereographer / stereo supervisor with 24 years of camera experience in the film and television industry. He is a member of the I.A.T.S.E. International Cinematographer’s Guild. His focus has been creative 3D storytelling creating and defining depth, shape and screen placement to elevate 3D projects. His abilities to work efficiently to deliver world class results were shown on the first 3D tests he performed for Michael Bay for Transformers, followed by the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver shooting live stereo cameras for I.O.C. footage. 

His efforts later won him The International 3D Society’s award for Best Live Action Stereography in 2012 for his 3D images on Martin Scorsese’s film Hugo, 4 other 3D awards, also Best 3D film and Best 3D moment. Hugo also won the Academy Award for Cinematography and VFX, an achievement for a live action stereo film. Demetri did live Stereography and Stereo Supervised “47 Ronin” for Universal Pictures in 2013. 

In 2014, Demetri again won Best Live Action Stereography for his 3D work on Jean Pierre Jeunet’s first 3D film “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet” presented in Belgium. For Mr. Jeunet, Demetri guaranteed the finest 3D image (no less quality than ‘Hugo”) but for a small drama, delivering a 30 million dollar film with 3D start-to-finish costs under 8% and 100% stereo photograph, shooting the world’s first Alexa M 3D feature film in the process. Demetri also supervises 3D VFX conversion and stereo rendered VFX stereo elements throughout post. He supervises the D.I. process of these stereo films to fine tune the 3D delivery of the project and maintain the director’s vision for an immersive 3D experience. Demetri was proud to shoot 100% live stereo on the world’s first 120FPS capture and projection of the Ang Lee film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.” 

Demetri looks forward to pushing forward with high frame rate stereo filmmaking on Ang Lee’s newest action film Gemini Man, for 2019 release.


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